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Climate – Temperature in Romania

Find out when is the best time to visit Romania


Temperature in Romania: In order to have a pleasant trip when you visit Romania it’s important to know some informations about the climate and weather in this country.

First of all, Romania has a temperate-continental climate and this means you will find here all the four seasons, from very hot summers, rainy springs, dry autumns and cold long winters.

This is possible due to the extremely varied relief, Romania having mountains, hills, plains and sea. So, let’s talk about temperature in Romania.

If you don’t love the rain too much, eastern side will be more what you are looking for. In Romania, the amount of precipitation are much higher in the west/north side and in the mountainous region.

To bring some figures, the annual average rainfall is around 700 mm, of course, with higher values in the mountain area. And, if you like the mild winters you have to make sure you stay inside the Carpathian circle.

How are springs in Romania

After a long winter, spring is always a most awaited season in Romania, every year, not only by the nature but also by the inhabitants. Started with april, the days and evenings are warm, with an average temperature of 20 °C (82 °F). The average annual temperature is about 11 °C (52 °F) in the south and 8 °C (46 °F) in the north.

Besides this, the beginning of spring is marked by one of the most beautiful Romanian traditions: „Martisor” (trinket), celebrated in 1 March, when men offer a little gift with a two-strings red & white colour to all the women in his life, symbolizing good luck.

Temperature in Romania: How are summers in Romania

In Romania summers can be particularly warm especially in the east and south regions and in large cities like Bucharest. Often the temperatures exceed 30 – 35 °C (95 °F) around noon.

These are average daily maximum and minimum temperatures in summer for some of the most largest cities in Romania: Bucharest (max: 28°C/84°F, min: 15°C/60°F), Cluj-Napoca (max: 24°C/76°F, min: 12°C/55°F), Timisoara (max: 27.8°C/82°F, min: 14.6°C/58°F), Brasov (max: 24.2°C/76°F, min: 11°C/53°F), Constanta (max: 25°C/79°F, min: 18°C/64°F).

How are winters in Romania

When rainy days are more often in the autumn this is a clear sign that the winter is coming. And is not a joke about the famous TV show.
In some years, the winters are difficult, with a lot of cold air, blizzard (more in the plain area) and often negative temperatures. A little bit more colder will be in the Transylvanian Plateau, in cities like Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca located at 400 metres above the sea level.

Best time to visit Romania

If you plan to visit Romania in the winter make sure to have warm clothes with you like sweater, jacket, raincoat and also gloves. For summer, be sure to wear only light clothes, especially if you spend time only in town.

Even if any season can be fascinating in Romania, just search some photos with keywords „winter in Bucovina”, there is a good period for tourist who comes here for the very first time.

Our recommendation would be at the beginning of May – June and also in September. August is generally a particularly hot one especially at the plain. So, in May you will discover in Romania warm days, just perfect for walking and visiting.

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