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Medical Travel – Health Travel Romania

Visit Romania / Medical Travel – Health Travel Romania

Health travel Romania: Besides fabulous landscapes, Romania is also a rich country in thermal waters, mineral springs and curative air where tourists of all ages can come for treatment or rest. In fact, we can say that natural spas were started by the Romans and are unique in Europe. Most of these resorts are set in absolutely picturesque areas where nature dominate and where, besides treatment, there are plenty of leisure options for the whole family to enjoy a refreshing stay.

Health travel Romania: Baile Herculane

In Cerna Valley, in Caras-Severin County, there is Baile Herculane, one of the oldest spa resorts in the world. The first documentary certification of the resort dates back to 153 BC. when the curative powers of the sulfur springs in the area had already been discovered by the Romans.

In the resort are treated mainly rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism and other diseases of the locomotor system.

Health travel Romania: Baile Felix

The resort in northeastern Romania, situated at an altitude of 140 meters in Crisurilor Plain, lies exactly in the contact area with the hills and mountains of Craiului Forest. Baile Felix is only 9 km away from the Oradea city.

The main feature of Baile Felix resort is the high temperature of the thermal waters from here, which set records of almost 50 degrees Celsius. For this reason in Baile Felix you can go for outdoor treatment even during winter.

Baths Felix treats mainly inflammatory, chronic or degenerative diseases of the locomotor system (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis), but also neurological, gynecological and endocrine metabolic diseases.

Health travel Romania: Borsec Resort

The resort in Harghita county that borrows the name of a well-known mineral water brand is open all year and is distinguished by the quality of the mineral waters in the area, mentioned since 1954.

The waters here are rewarded many times at prestigious exhibitions across Europe. Borsec treats cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure, hypertension or mitral failure, as well as endocrine diseases, digestive diseases, kidney disorders, urinary tract diseases, dermatological diseases.

Health travel Romania: Covasna

Covasna is known as the No. 1 resort in Transylvania for the treatment of heart disease, receiving annually for treatment tourists coming from all over the country but also from abroad.

Covasna, known as the 1000 springs resort, is renowned for the therapeutic mineral water and air treatment. Covasna is one of the most recognized specialized hospitals for cardiovascular disease recovery on the continent.

Health travel Romania: Calimanesti – Caciulata

Calimanesti – Caciulata, the resort on the Olt Valley, is one of the most picturesque resorts in the whole country. The resort in Valcea County, just 18 km from Ramnic, is located at an altitude of 280 meters in the Jiblea – Calimanesti depression.

It is recommended to stay in Calimanesti-Caciulata spa resort for treatment of digestive tract diseases such as chronic gastritis, chronic constipation, biliary dyskinesia, chronic hepatitis or chronic pancreatitis and locomotor system disorders.

Health travel Romania: Baile Tusnad

Baile Tusnad spa resort is located 37 km south of Miercurea Ciuc, near Lake Ciucas, at an altitude of 650 m. Baile Tusnad resort has modern facilities for carbonated mineral baths, aerosols and inhalations, massage, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. Lake Ciucas nearby is also a relaxing place for boating and canoeing in the summer and skating in the winter.

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